Okami – Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys

Here are two cube craft paper toys, Sakigami and Tsutagami, based on the action-adventure video game Okamiden of Okami series, the papercrafts created by scarykurt. Sakigami is the first of The Hanagami that you will meet. He plays a shō and his constellation is found in Hana Valley. He teaches Amaterasu the “Bloom” technique, which is a crucial part of the game. This is because it is needed to revive the Guardian Saplings that get rid of the Orochi’s cursed zones. As an extra, the flora that grow in Amaterasu’s steps receive an “upgrade” after bloom is discovered.

Okami – Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys

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