Farscape – Luxan Warrior Ka D’Argo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

This cube craft is the Luxan warrior Ka D’Argo (simple as D’Argo), based on the TV series Farscape, the papercraft is designed by 7ater. Ka D’Argo, played by Anthony Simcoe, is a Luxan warrior who was imprisoned aboard the Leviathan Moya by the Peacekeepers after being convicted of killing his Sebacean wife Lo’Laan in a fit of Luxan Hyper-Rage. During his time as a prisoner, the Peacekeepers shackled D’Argo in his cell with heavy chains attached to a pair of metal hooks surgically implanted around his collar bones to keep the powerful Luxan under control. He later escaped. As a Luxan warrior, D’Argo carries a weapon known as a Qualta Blade, a heavy broadsword that can transform into a Qualta Rifle. His personality in Season 1 was paranoid and ill-tempered against his friends. He also has a powerful tongue that he can shoot out at a high velocity, similar to that of a frog or chameleon. The tip can inject an “adaptive” venom which renders the target unconscious without killing them.

Farscape – Luxan Warrior Ka D’Argo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy

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